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So far, only the homepage and the "Contact Me" page are available in English.  I wanted this website to be entirely bilingual, but I realised I would make it twice as big by doing so, and I don't have the time for such a task right now.  However, you should be able to browse around quite easily.

I created this website to share information on a specific field of antique bottle collecting, but also to get in touch with other collectors.  Although there are plenty of bottle collectors in the province of Québec, those interested in medicine bottles remain scarce.

This website is mainly a database in which I am trying to enter all known antique medicine bottles from the province of Québec, a project that may be a little too ambitious to do on my own.  That is why I invite fellow collectors to help building up the database by adding bottles that do not appear on this website.  This will eventually give us a good idea of what still remains of yesterday's pharmaceutical industry in Québec. 

Of course, such a website will never be complete: there will always be an unknown bottle that will turn up somewhere.  You can get a good idea of what is yet to be found by viewing the medicine advertisements page


Like many other collectors, I have often been disappointed by the lack of good information on the field I am interested in.  Books on antique bottles are usually too general and seldom talk about Québec bottles, with few recent exceptions.

Books are an excellent source of information, but it is difficult to find (and to come up with) complete books in a field where new pieces can turn up anytime.  In such a case, a website is of great use since the contents can be modified or updated whenever necessary.

As for the contents of this site, you will also find household product bottles (machine oil, cleaning products, flavoring extracts, poisons, etc.), as well as pre-1930's bottles from the Outaouais region and from the city of Ottawa.

The year 1930 was chosen  because most bottles produced after that are often quite ordinary, lack embossing, and are not as much interesting as those that were in use 15 years before.  I made a few exceptions for later bottles that were different.

A website containing all antique Québec bottles would be a major undertaking: soda bottles alone could fill a whole website !  That is why I will let the experts deal with their own interests: the links section will redirect you to other bottle websites.

Enjoy your visit !






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