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Dépôt de brevets de médicaments québécois

L'information suivante est tirée de : The Canadian Patent Office Record, Vol 9, No. 7, Juillet 1881, p. 154

Antoine Racicot


Brevets déposés le 15 juin 1881

No. 12 979 – Royal Drops

A medical compound composed of powdered capsicum, proof spirit, rectified spirit, english camphor, powdered cloves, powdered white pepper, powdered cinnamon, poplar buds, dried leaves of winter green, prickly ash berries, powdered jamaica ginger, powdered nutmeg, powdered english valerian roots, powdered poke roots, caraway seeds, cochineal, cajuputoil and orange peel.


No. 12 980 – Magic Pills

A medical compound composed of powdered jalap, mandrake, aloe camboge, rhubarb, A. Racicot’s Royal Drops, the baic tincture, Canada balsam, balsam copavia, croton oil, mal_ fern oil, oil of peppermint; gum arabic, decoction and powdered senna.


No. 12 981 – A. Racicot’s Destructor of Cholera

A medical compound composed of peroxide of iron, hydrochloric acid, rectified spirit, powdered capsicum, proof spirit, prickly ash berries, english gum camphor, cajuput oil, sulphuric ether, gum opium and peppermint oil, the whole macerated and mixed together.


No. 12 982 – A. Racicot’s Anti-Venereal Oil

A medical compound composed of quaic-resin, balsam tolu and oil of peppermint, macerated in rectified spirit, and to which is added balsam fir, balsam copavia, oil of turpentine, oil of cubeb (?) and cochineal.